When the artist known as SEN–SEI was exposed to classic old school house music in the New York & Brooklyn warehouse parties back in 1989, he had already been trained in classical piano for twelve years and performed at Carnegie Hall. It was here that SEN–SEI began his performance career as one of the true pioneers of “LIVE” house music.

left coast


Establishing himself in the early 90s in San Francisco, what sets SEN–SEI apart from the traditional Live-PA artists is that he does 100% freehand layering while a DJ mixes, adjusting for a tracks complexity while remaining in tune and in time. Using a range of sounds from the classic Rhodes keys to a full Latin percussion kit to a funky warm B3 organ, he perfectly blends a live layer you’d swear was part of the track.  Couple that with     SEN–SEI’s dynamic stage presence, and you’ll witness the dance floor packed with people getting down to the “Left Coast House” sound. 



Beyond his live performances all around the world, SEN – SEI’s distinctive keys and synyth hooks have been heard on some of the biggest records in house over the last two and a half decades, including cuts on Delve Deeper, Untitled Music, Nervous, Turnaround-Sound, Red Melon, Night Owl, Moonshine, Imperial Dub, Household, Offset Music, Dutchie, Grouper, Tonality, SOCO Audio, Jah Love, Tango, Jamayka, Big Chief, Grayhound, Siesta, Bluem, and SOMA just to name a few. With a discography spanning over 50 different labels alone, his production and keyboard wizardry can be found on hits ranging all the way from “20 Minutes of Disco Glory” with Garth & ETI (Wicked #1) to “LA Sessions” as the ATWATER SYNDICATE on Yoshitoshi.

San Francisco